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Spectra Laser is the only FDA-cleared laser treatment for melasma. Spectra Laser is for the whole face and it makes proper adjustment to the skin. A laser procedure has two channels of light; the first one uses short laser light waves that produce light and heat that stimulate the skin's dermal layer, and treat more superficial hyperpigmented lesions such as melasma and sun spots. It also reduces fine lines, and effectively tightens the skin. The second ray of light uses a specific long-1064nm wave to treat deeper hyperpigmented lesions. The laser wave can be applied to the skin with a medical carbon mask. The ray uses energy to produce concentrated light and heat to create a microburst effect. This can completely clear aging skin, clogging dirt in the Sebum, promote collagen and elastic fibers, and enhance tightening pores while maintaining skin tone and elasticity, reduce fine lines, adding luster to the skin, and does not damage the skin tissue.